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Trust & Warranty

Our modules are made to last. So is our approach to customer care. We stand behind our craft and guarantee consistent high-output solar energy. That’s why we offer up to 25 years product warranty. We offer exclusive after sales package. We support 100% of the costs related to the replacement of a defective module under guarantee. From the replacement of the product to the transport costs to pick up the defective product and deliver the new one. Last but not least, we take full responsibility for the labor costs involved in the product replacement.

High Quality Work

People, processes, knowledge, and experience. These are the constituents of advanced, high-quality solar panels. We are experts in our craft and know that every solar module we produce is an advocate of solar energy. That's why our commitment to quality is uncompromising. Photovoltaic panels push the limits of science and engineering, combining revolutionary materials with cutting-edge technology. Providing consistent output for 25 years is a big challenge, but at Risha Electric, we embrace it. We’re proud of our endeavors, and we love what we do.

Efficiency & Power

PERC technology is progressively becoming the new platform to manufacture high power solar modules at competitive costs. We are leading the industry in this field by providing the most efficient solar modules today available on the market. Our solar modules consist of highly efficient, monocrystalline photovoltaic cells. When selecting our cells, we rely on the best cell technology; which is reflected in our modules’ particularly long product life and industry-leading performance.

Simple & Easy

Solar panels typically don’t require much maintenance other than periodic cleaning and keeping them free from obstacles that can cast shadows over the panels. Solar panels need an unobstructed path to the sun to operate optimally. Solar panels are designed to withstand extreme weather events like hail, snow and wind to provide lasting performance. Solar panels typically have a lifespan of 25 to 30 years with regular maintenance, but should you start to see a dip in their output, it might signal it’s time to clean them. Dirt, debris, dust and other items can dirty solar panels and if the accumulation grows too much, it can start to impact the amount of energy that the solar panels produce. Be sure to turn your solar power system off prior to cleaning. Cleaning solar panels by spraying them down with lukewarm water from a hose usually does the trick. Do not use cleaning agents or soap to clean solar panels because they can leave streaks and damage the panels.