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We at Risha Electric strongly believe in making our users energy independent. Our solar philosophy is that your power should be in your hands. Using a simple monitoring solution we are able to monitor your real- time and historical electricity usage in order to identify patterns, problem areas and opportunities to reduce costs.

Using a solar energy monitoring system helps you get a glimpse of the solar energy production data from your solar system instantaneously. You can use a solar monitoring system to observe the performance of your solar system over a specific period.

Besides, it aids in the maintenance and helps track the solar financial output of the system. A monitoring system keeps you assured that your solar system is working appropriately. A competent energy monitoring system can determine and inform the owner when one (or more) solar module or panel is not generating the estimated energy, like the others. Also, it helps to troubleshoot if there is some electrical fault that is deviating the actual kWh output from your estimated output.

Typically, the solar panel installed in a solar system produces electricity and transfers the same to our home or other destination of use via inverters. The inverter is the principal tool that ascertains the performance of your solar power system. It transforms DC current into AC current that’s used to run appliances. They have built-in progressive technology that effectively monitors energy conversion.

We ensure that we are along with you at every stage of your solar power system, even when it is installed and running successfully. We do provide you with an innovative and best in class solar monitoring system that is easy to use for maximising your solar output.