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When we evaluate properties for solar installations, they must answer three main questions for our customers.
1.What is your current power consumption?
2.How much of it do you wish to replace?
3.How big of a solar power system will that require?
We will then complete an evaluation based on the unique conditions of your property and your specific needs.
The main reason site evaluations are crucial before beginning an installation is to ensure the highest return on investment. Our solar professionals can help you determine the best location, orientation, size and components necessary for your system.
Skipping a professional and in-person evaluation comes with big risks:
1.Safety: Not all structures or soil types are suitable for solar installations. Extra weight on some roofs could cause them to cave in. Similarly, some soil types do not drain well and have higher risks of flooding.
2.Incompatibility: Building a system that is bigger than your home or business could take away cash that you could have better allocated elsewhere. Similarly, an underpowered system could send you back to the drawing board when it proves inadequate.
3.Incentives: If you only hire installers, these professionals might not inform you of the many solar incentives in your area. These could range from subsidies to special grants and beneficial arrangements with your local energy company.
At Risha Electric, we begin every installation with an accurate solar assessment. This ensures we have a thorough understanding of what your needs are and what it will take to meet or exceed them. Our team of experts works together with qualified engineers and our partner networks to analyze all the physical aspects of the site to help decide the optimal location of the panels, batteries and other sensitive equipment. The team then selects the correct components from our extensive product range that guarantees performance.