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We provide EPC & operation and maintenance services. We are a company that provides end-to-end services that include consultive sales, designing your system, equipment procurement, project management, solar panel installation, and reliable support should maintenance claims be required. With Risha Electric as an EPC solar company, you can expect to work with a single company throughout the entire project and beyond. We typically do not subcontract or outsource any of our work, opting to handle everything in-house using our research, experience and know-how in the solar industry.

As one of the popular solar EPC companies in India, we specialize in managing site-specific design, construction, commissioning, and the installation and tracking of data monitoring systems. We provide solar EPC solutions for both ground and rooftop solar installation. Our scope of work includes

* Surveying/examining the site to understand its generation capacity and the type of solar PV system for installation.
*Designing the layout to plan the setup of the solar PV system which includes panels and other components.
*Procuring components for assembly based on the designed layout and customer’s requirements.
*Assembling and installing the solar system components and designing an approach pathway for maintenance and    repair purposes based on the designed layout.
*Handing over the system to the customer with proper training on how to use and maintain the system to avoid high maintenance costs or system failure in the future. We also remotely monitor the system to notify our customers on    loss of generation capacity.

We cater to projects of all sizes namely commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential.