System Commissioning


Commissioning of the system is done in order to ensure the system is performing as per the agreed upon requirements and to validate the system design. We make you secure by ensuring that your system has been designed and installed by a qualified, reputable network of PAN-India expert engineers.

The commissioning process begins at project inception (during the pre-design phase) and continues through the life of the facility. The process includes specific tasks to be conducted during each phase in order to verify that design, construction, and training meet the owner’s project requirements.

The basic tasks of commissioning are to:

  • Verify that the design meets the owner’s project requirements.
  • Verify that applicable equipment and systems are installed according to the contract documents, manufacturer’s recommendations, and industry accepted minimum standards.
  • Verify installing contractors perform adequate operations checkout.
  • Verify/document proper performance of equipment and systems.
  • Verify that the operations and maintenance documentation left on-site is complete.
  • Verify the owner’s operating personnel are adequately trained.